New Kids On The Block

If You’re a fan of all things Parma Violet, you are probably aware of Zymurgorium’s Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur. Due to a fantastic advertising campaign, this is fast becoming increasingly hard to source, even for Gin Wholesalers. So what to do for your Parma Violet fix until Zymurgorium can catch up with demand.

The nearest alternative is Aber Falls Violet Liqueur at 20.8% ABV it’s slightly stronger than the Zymurgorium at 20%. The other difference is the bottle size of 70cl for Aber Falls and 50cl for Zymurgorium, so another tick in the box for Aber Falls. Very similar in taste to Zymurgorium, there is a difference, but it’s very slight.

The other alternative to these is the Violetta Parma Violet Gin from the makers of Bakewell Tart Gin, this is 40% so double strength of the others, but 50cl the same as Zymurgorium. Soon to be available with Shimmer- similar to that of Unicorn Tears. More of a gin hit with this, but still definitely a Parma Violet Gin. We’ve yet to try it with the different tonics, but will report back soon. Slightly more expensive at ¬£34 but your getting a lot more bang for your buck with this gin.

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