Herbaceous Gins

Herbaceous Led Gins

Aviation Gin……. A batch distilled gin, hailing from America. A full bodied, Dutch rye spirit loaded with botanicals such as sarsasparilla, Aviation Gin is a superb clean tasting drink. Served with fever tree tonic, juniper and lemon.

Darnley’s …… On the nose, rounded and creamy with angelica, lemon and elderflower. A burst of spicy coriander appears after a minute. To taste, lemon and soft juniper, with the elderflower making another appearance. Served with lemon.

Eden Mill Golf Gin…… Inspired by the botanicals that grow in and around the coastal golf courses of Scotland, the Eden Mill Limited Edition Golf Gin balances the likes of heather flower, liquorice root, red clover, rhubarb root and juniper berries. Served with blueberries.

Eden Mill Hop Gin…… Made using Australian beer hops to produce a 46% gin that gives a balance between floral, coriander and light hoppy notes. Soft tropical fruits with an undercurrent of juniper with a refreshing crisp bitterness. Served with orange.

Gin Mare £3.80…… Savoury and very herbaceous gin with the juniper being prominent. Served with Mediterranean Tonic and strawberries.

Hedgehog Gin…… Named after America’s iconic star of adult cinema, Ron Jeremy. Nicknamed ‘The Hedgehog’, Ron Jeremy is also the inspiration behind their gin which includes botanicals such as ginseng, damiana, guarana and bergamot, described as ‘Love Herbs’ on the bottle. Served with fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and pink grapefruit.

JJ Whitley Nettle Gin ……Chopped basil, oily juniper, crushed coriander, forest floor and a subtle spark of citrus peels. Served with fresh mint or fever tree lemon tonic.

Ki-no-bi……. Ki No Bi Gin is the first release from the Kyoto Distillery! Unveiled in 2016, Ki No Bi Gin has been made using a rice spirit base, as well as a selection of botanicals including locally-sourced ingredients – the likes of yuzu, hinoki wood chips, bamboo leaves, green sansho and gyokuro tea. Served with fever tree tonic, orange and lemon.

Masons lavender…… Dry lavender notes upon the nose, creating a rather soft and subtle experience, followed by a slight fennel aroma. Soft texture once onto the palate, with a fresh candied lavender sweet flavour dominating. Rather subtle across the senses, with anise creeping in on the dry finish. Served with fever tree slim line tonic apple and limes

Masons Yorkshire Tea…. Balanced tea notes, set against the powerful and spicy botanical base of the original Yorkshire gin. Deliciously smooth and warming, the herbal notes, citrus and gentle spice are complemented by the robust tea flavour. Served with fever tree slim line tonic apple and lime.

Manchester Gin …… With a true nod to Manchester, the recipe has incorporated local and northern flavours and botanicals such as dandelion and burdock root, to make an easy drinking yet flavoursome craft gin. Served with Pink Grapefruit.

Ngenious Swiss Blended Gin…… Outstandingly smooth, crisp and clean, almost belying its 45% ABV. It is also incredibly well balanced. Alongside the juniper, Swiss Blended Gin is very herbaceous, with notes of aniseed, fennel and chamomile. Served with pink grapefruit.

Pink Pepper Gin…… An intensely aromatic and unique gin – one which will age and evolve, both in the bottle and in the glass. When the bottle is young, or when diluted or chilled, fresh and spicy notes of pink pepper and juniper are prominent. Over time however, the liquid evolves and warms up, allowing notes of patisserie – vanilla, Tonka and honey to come to the forefront. Served with lemon.

Pollination Gin…… An absolute blinder of a gin from Dyfi distillery: cucumber, dill, dandelion, lavender and juniper appear on the nose and palate, which is silky and elegant with a refreshingly minty finish. Well done to the Welsh boys! Served with mint, juniper berries and lemon.

Porthecary Gin…… Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2017 Spirits Awards. Pothecary Gin is aromatic and floral, with lavender being at the forefront of the flavour, alongside juniper, citrus and subtle notes of honey and black tea. A bold and distinctive gin with a smooth and mellow character. It will go down a treat with fans of floral gins. Served with pink grapefruit.

Zymurgorium Manchester Gin…… Using honey to make award winning mead, which is distilled to vodka, to which 20 botanicals are added to make this slightly sweet gin with floral notes that develop into light spice. There is a finishing herbal touch that lingers on the palate. Served with lemon.