Juniper Led Gins

Juniper Led Gins 

3 Pugs Gin……Distilled in a small garden distillery using 8 Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Angelica, Cardamom, Elderflower, Basil & Orange. Served with orange.

 Beefeater ……A crisp, dry gin, with an herbal bouquet and hints of orange complimenting the juniper. Served with pink grapefruit or lemon.

 Bertha’s Revenge ……A sweet spice forward aroma with cardamom, cinnamon and liquorice in abundance on the pallet alongside the familiar piney notes of juniper. Wonderfully smooth when served with tonic, the sweet and bitter orange really opens for a longer citrusy finish. Served with orange.

 Blind Tiger Gin…… A beautifully strong and spiced gin. At 47% this higher than average alcohol content carries bags of juniper and cubeb pepper which lingers on with zesty hints of cracked black pepper, violet, orange and liquorice. Served with orange and juniper berries.

 Bombay Sapphire ……Comparatively subtle when it comes to being driven by juniper, with the other botanicals also coming to the forefront. Served with lemon or lime.

 Chase GB……Dry juniper, with bitter chocolate, zesty citrus and warm spices. Finishes with spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Served with lemon and ginger.

 Cruxland Gin…… Expect a fresh aroma of juniper and lemon, enhanced by coriander and spice and the earthy hint of Kalahari truffles. Served with lemon.

 Dingle Gin…… In terms of its broad style, this is what is categorised as a London Dry gin, but the unique character and flavour come from the painstaking and original choice of botanicals. Served with lemon.

Deaths Door Gin……Predominant tastes of piney juniper berries emerge up front, with the customary spicy citrus notes from the coriander seeds next and a whack of fennel to boot. Served with Mediterranean tonic and apple.

 Elephant Gin ……Flavours of lemon grass, coriander, menthol mint, dried citrus and berries, and cola. Dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, juniper, sweet and peppery spices, creamy berry bread pudding. Served with apple.

 Fifty Pounds Gin ……Blasts onto the palate with juniper, spearmint and almond essence top notes with mixed citrus peel and star anise below. A very smooth gin with a slight mint and eucalyptus finish. Served with Lime or mint.

 Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin……Exotic flavours of saffron alongside juniper, coriander and orange. Served with orange.

 Half Hitch Gin……. Half Hitch is made using black tea and bergamot. Spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper meet citrus notes of sweet orange, nutmeg and a rich black tea. There are hints of woody spice, touches of bitter lemon.  A very smooth gin with delicate citrus notes and long smooth malty, vanilla finish. Served with orange.

 Herno Gin…. Voted the best gin and tonic in the world 2016. A London dry style gin distilled at the Hernö Brenneri on the east coast of Sweden. They use a homemade wheat spirit as the base and steep their 8 botanicals for 18 hours before distilling in a 250 litre copper still. Served with a sprig of mint, lime and fever tree tonic.

 Herno Old Tom…. Voted the best gin in the world 2016.Made with the same botanicals as the standard, but with extra meadowsweet to impart extra sweetness. This is then heightened with the addition of touches of honey and sugar before bottling. Can be drank neat over ice or with lemon and fever tree tonic.

 Hunters Gin …… On the taste buds the flavours start with a juniper hit followed by a subtle lemony, crisp citrus tone. Sweet, spicy palate entry with a lovely balance of exotic spices. Earthy juniper, a touch of aniseed. Served with lemon or lime.

 Jawbox Classic Dry Gin…… Classic Juniper comes through to the mouth, with the lemon peel and coriander seed lead citrus combining with the cubebs and cardamom spice to hold the juniper aloft. Served with lime.

 King of Soho…… A sweet warm citrus and spice start, followed by pleasant bitter notes and a liquorice finish, held together with a juniper body. Served with lime and orange.

 Lakes Gin…… Distilled with local juniper berries and other classic botanicals native to the Lake District including bilberry, heather and meadowsweet. Served with fresh mint and strawberry.

 Langley’s No 8…… Juniper forward with a healthy balance of citrus and spice mingling together, with a liquorice like flavour springing into the mix.  Served with Mediterranean Tonic with pink grapefruit.

 London No1……Strong floral flavours leading in front and a ginger-like spiciness. Served with pomegranate and orange.

 Martin Millers Westbourne…. A deluxe high-strength gin, awarded 97 points and the title ‘Spirit of the Year 2003’ by the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), the world’s largest and most powerful drinks-testing organisation. Served with fever tree slimline tonic, juniper and limes.

 Pickering’s 1947 Gin……A gin lovers gin. Star anise, fennel, Juniper and dried citrus peel blend to give a smooth gin with hints of liquorice and warm spice. Served with pink grapefruit, but also stands well with ginger ale.

 Pink 47…… The delicious recipe is carefully crafted in small batches with a mix of ten botanicals. Pink 47 has a particularly spicy bouquet, with angelica, sage and pepper. It is strong and smooth, piney and dry without a trace of harshness. The finish is crisp and compelling. Served with lemon.

 Sikkim Privee London Dry Gin……. A gentle combination of juniper, red tea and flower essences with coriander, a touch of herbs and a soft, velvety red tea flavour. Served with juniper berries and lemon.

Silent Pool…… A clean juniper driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey and elderflower, creating a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly unique. Served with orange.

 Silverback Gin…… Winner of a Bronze and Silver award at the 2016 Spirits awards. A clean and refreshing gin, Silverback Gin is, on first take, full of fragrant gentle coriander and bright citrus. Pine quickly grounds itself as the centre of the gin with subtle, floral notes making an appearance. Bright, zesty orange and fine lemongrass are prominent throughout. Served with Cardamom tonic and orange.

 Sipsmiths……Dry, with juniper, lemon & orange juniper berries. Served with Elderflower Tonic and lime.

 Skully Smooth Wasabi……. Skully Smooth Wasabi has a distinct aroma and taste, it defines itself by its spice finish, which makes it a perfect match with Japanese dishes. Wasabi root, ginger and mint are the prevalent ingredients in this exclusive spirit. Served with lemon.

 Star of Bombay…… Star of Bombay is a higher-strength, super-premium variant of Bombay Sapphire. The classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified, with the addition of bergamot and ambrette seeds offering extra exoticness.  Served with Elderflower tonic and orange.

 SteamPunk Gin …… Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2016 World Gin Masters in London, SteamPunk has notes of juniper, orris root, licorice, star anise, lemon, orange and grapefruit zest makes this a powerful punch of a gin. Served with fever tree Mediterranean tonic and lemon.

 Tanqueray……A crisp, dry gin, with juniper at the forefront. Served with Lime, Pomegranate or orange.

 Tarquin’s Gin – The Seadog Navy Strength……. Southwestern Distillery’s excellent Tarquin’s gin, orris root, green cardamom seeds, cinnamon and violets are all used, and the gin is distilled in Tamara, their copper pot still named after the goddess of the Tamar. Served with aromatic tonic and lemon.

Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin…… Produced on the Falls Farm in Northamptonshire by Warner Edwards, Harrington Dry is a delicious gin. It’s based on barley spirit which is flavoured with eleven botanicals sourced from farms in Wales and England. These include juniper, elderflower and coriander. Served with Fever tree tonic and cucumber.

 West Winds Broadside……A Double Gold medal at the 2014 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, The Broadside is made using the distinctive sea parsley and seasoned with Margaret River sea salt. Pleasant classic style nose, with juniper up front, but a touch of violet/rose, coriander and vanilla. At 58% Served with lemon.

 Wicked Wolf Gin……Carefully distilling each botanical individually, Wicked Wolf Exmoor have created a traditional gin with a thoroughly contemporary character. Hibiscus and Kaffir lime bind together layers of citrus and pepper are finely balanced with juniper and coriander. A clean and delightful gin. Served with a slice of lime.