New Gins

New Gins

Steampunk Pirate Gin. 45% ABV…..Weighing in at a mighty 45% alcohol by volume, this tipple is not for the faint hearted! Crafted with juniper, arris root, licorice, star anise, lemon, orange and grapefruit zest, this delicious Gin is good enough to sip on its own or serve with grapefruit.

Hoxton Pink. 40% ABV…..Rosehip and bergamot infused Hoxton Pink Gin. Imbued in an eye catching (what else) shade of pink, this gin is led by its floral botanicals. Led by juniper and a “distinctive floral character,” hibiscus sugar lends a spot of citrus and bitterness. The finish, on the other hand, is predominantly sweetly floral with rosehip lingering on your palate. Serve with grapefruit

Cuckoo Spiced Gin. 42% ABV….This Lancashire Spiced Sip delivers instant spiced warmth to help with the cold nights! Clove, ginger, cinnamon, fennel and lemongrass are followed by spicy Tellicherry black pepper (considered the finest pepper in the world)  then mellowed with hints of jasmine, fig, rosehips and the unmistakable scent of tonka beans. Serve with tonic or ginger beer, a sliver of fresh ginger and orange.

Castle Mow Cop Gin. 44% ABV….. This gin is carefully made using ingredients sourced from the distillers garden.  They macerate the botanicals for up to a fortnight to make the perfect blend. Once distilled, each batch is rested for up to 5 weeks before bottling it in batches of 25 bottles, this allows the flavours to fully infuse. Creamy and sweet with citrus and vanilla, followed by a subtly savoury hint of lemongrass and basil. Serve with Orange.

Batch Innovations Lime Leaf Gin. 42% ABV This is full of Thai influences, including lemongrass and galangal. In a G&T, the nose is sweet, with lots and lots of ginger, lime, white pepper. On the palate, the again, the juniper takes a back seat. Ginger, sherbet, lime, florals, pepper in the finish. Serve with Lime.

Portobello Road Gin. 42% ABV……The aroma of this gin comes in in swells. Juniper, citrus peel, and grassy notes show up nearly simultaneously. The licorice comes out a bit more as you taste, but the best thing about this gin is that the botanicals work in harmony together. There isn’t a diva in the bunch. The gin has a full body and a touch of oil to it with a lovely coriander note. Serve with grapefrut

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla. 41.3% ABV….. Made with bittersweet Seville Oranges to deliver a fruitful and zesty taste.  This taste of the sun-soaked Mediterranean is a uniquely enjoyable, yet complex taste. Tanqueray flor de Sevilla – served with orange.

Batch Buddhas Hand…..Made with the Chinese citrus fruits of the same name, with Sichuan pepper and Coriander. Served with Ginger.

Batch Industrial Strength Gin…..A surprisingly smooth 55% navy strength gin. Less spice and increased juniper and Melissa results in sweet lemon notes. Served with orange.

Black Tomato Gin…..Made with black tomatoes and sea salt. Gives a fascinating balance between sweet and savoury flavours. Served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and Basil.

Collagin…..The world’s first gin containing digestible collagen amongst other anti aging botanicals. A slightly sweeter Gin with notes of liquorice, pink grapefruit and orris. Served with Grapefruit

Edgerton Blue Spiced Gin…..Notes of lavender, citrus and spices, especially black pepper are most prominent. These give way to flavours from Cardamom and Fenugreek which give a long spicy finish. Served with Blueberries.

Edgerton Pink Gin…..Sweet orange and juniper notes open up and soften to give an appealingly floral sweet nose and a touch of sugar plum, followed by a dryer refreshing finish. Served with Stawberries.

Garden Tiger…..(47%) Crafted at the Capreolus distillery in the Cotswolds, Garden Tiger Gin is made with 34 botanicals including organic blood orange, lime tree leaves, elderberries and pine as well as a selection of other fruit, flowers and spices.

Ginger Ninja……Ginger snaps, honeycomb, peppery juniper and a touch of liquorice root. A ginger-forward gin from the folks at The Lickerish Tooth, made with many of the same botanicals as their Sheep’s Eye Gin, with much more spicy ginger coming through. Served with ginger.

Poetic License Saparilla…..Inspired by the classic soft drink that you might see a cowboy sipping should you ever travel back in time, Poetic License have combined sarsaparilla root with Old Tom gin, alongside a touch of aniseed, liquorice and vanilla. Served over Ice

Poetic License Espresso Gin…..As you might expect, this is bursting at the seams with mouthwatering notes of roasted coffee beans, as well as sweet hints of vanilla, lime, black pepper and juniper. Served with Coffee beans.

Sipsmiths Lemon Drizzle Gin….. Fresh, tart and warming, the lemon is powerful, but is tempered well by savoury juniper, a pang of liquorice and a floral perfume quality that lifts it. Served with Lemon

Two Birds Strawberry and Vanilla…..Well, this somewhat does what it says on the tin! Tasty Two Birds Gin, with the lip-smacking addition of strawberry and vanilla. Summer drinks ahoy! Served with Strawberries

Unicorn Tears Gin…..Juniper-driven and citrusy on the nose, the palate is luscious and flavoursome with an indulgent sweetness and flavours of candied orange, herbs and spice. Delicious to drink on its own over ice or with tonic. Served with Lime

Whitley Neil Blood Orange…..A handcrafted gin, inspired by the vibrant flavours of Sicily. The extract of Sicilian blood oranges injects a citrus burst, for a smooth, crisp taste of the Mediterranean sun. Served with Orange.

Whitley Neil Raspberry…..A Dry yet fruity Gin featuring Scottish raspberries at its core alongside punchy notes of liquorice and coriander in support. Served with Raspberries.